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Things to Consider When Shopping for Printer Maintenance Kits

Nov 21

We’ve already covered how to stay on top of printer maintenance, but we thought we should expound upon the last step—actually buying a printer maintenance kit.
Most people don’t think about buying a printer maintenance kit until their printer suddenly blinks with the message “perform printer maintenance”, but then what? Purchasing a laser printer maintenance kit doesn’t have to be difficult if you buy a kit meant for your printer and follow its directions.
While it may seem like any printer maintenance kit will do, it’s just not true. Depending on your specific printer, there are HP maintenance kits, Lexmark maintenance kits, Dell maintenance kits, IBM maintenance kits, and more that are compatible with your device along with generic printer maintenance kits.
Here are three things to consider when choosing a printer maintenance kit:
#1 - Knowing Which Parts Your Printer Needs
Each printer kit contains the parts printer engineers deem most prone to wear and tear, and thus in need of replacement to have a working printer. Your printer has a counter that calculates the pages printed and will alert you when you have reached the point that the printer will need maintenance work to continue working in the same fashion.
If you buy a printer maintenance kit from the same manufacturer as your printer, you probably won’t have to worry about needing any more parts, but if you are buying a generic printer maintenance kit, be sure the parts it includes matches the parts the manufacturer’s kit includes to ensure you have everything you need to keep your printer working properly.
#2 - Manufacturer vs. Generic
Regardless of the manufacturer, most printer maintenance kits will include separation rollers, paper pickup rollers or feed, a transfer roller, and the fuser assembly. Additionally, in the long run it will be less expensive to buy the kit than to buy each individual part separately. Even if you don’t need a part now, label it and set it aside with other items for your printer. While your printer’s manufacturer’s kit will use high quality rubber that is durable enough to withstand the pressure from your printer, you will need to do research when buying a generic kit to be sure other consumers have found its rubber to be of quality.
#3 - Fuser Kits vs. Maintenance Kits
Printer fuser kits and maintenance kits are so similar that to some people, they are interchangeable terms.  The fuser part of your printer is the part of the assembly that employs heat and pressure to set your printer’s toner into the paper. Over time, this heat and pressure will wear the fuser and it will need repair. Nowadays, many printer maintenance kits supply the fuser assembly making a separate fuser kit unnecessary, but it’s always important to check your kit and make sure it contains all of the items your printer will need.
An important thing to pay particular attention to when buying a generic printer maintenance kit is whether it says OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or compatible.
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