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Maintenance Kit Instructions for the HP M601 M602 or M603

Aug 28

WARNING! Printer fusers can be very hot. Turn the printer off and remove the power cable. Allow the printer to cool for a minimum of 5 minutes before attempting to remove the fuser.
Before continuing, the following components need to be removed:
  • Duplex accessory / cover
  • Rear output bin
Remove the fuser
  1. Find the blue fuser release tabs. Squeeze them to release the fuser.

  2. Now pull the fuser straight back, removing it from the printer.
CAUTION: Fuser assemblies are delicate units. Be careful not to drop or otherwise mishandle the fuser unit. It can easily be damaged if not handled with care.
TIP: While replacing the fuser, be sure it seats into the printer properly. There will be an audible snap from each side as the fuser snaps into place correctly.
Transfer roller
CAUTION: Your skin is naturally oily. Avoid direct contact with the black rubber on the transfer roller. Skin oils can deposit onto the rubber and cause print quality issues down the road. We recommend the use of disposable gloves to avoid transferring oils to the rubber.
  1. Find front cover and open it
    NOTE: If you have not already removed the print cartridge, do so now. 
If you have a transfer roller removal hook, use it to lift the left side of the metal shaft out of place near the blue gear. If a removal tool is not available, a flathead screwdriver can be used instead. The transfer roller must be slid to the left to remove it.

CAUTION: Be sure to release and lift the roller's left side first before sliding the roller out.

Transfer roller removal hooks are included with our printer maintenance kits.

Reinstallation Tip: While installing the transfer roller, be sure the black collar on the left side of the roller is oriented properly. The open end should face down (the solid end should face up).

Tray 2 Feed and Separation Roller Removal and Replacement
  1. First, pull the tray to remove it from the printer
  2. Open the access door adjacent to the roller unit.
  3. Find the blue tap, pinch it, and slide the roller off of the shaft
  4. Slide the new roller on, being careful to make sure the tab locks in place.
  5. Find the feed roller at the top of the tray cavity.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
 Resetting the maintenance count in the printer's software.
After you have successfully finished installing your maintenance kit, reset the printer's software so it knows that you have performed printer maintenance.
  1. Press your printers 'Home' button
  2. Open the menu for administration
  3. Select "Manage Supplies"
  4. Select "Reset Supplies"
  5. Select "New Maintenance Kit"
  6. Select "Yes" to reset the maintenance kit counter.


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