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HP Maintenance Kits - The HP 4250 Maintenance Kit

Sep 25

Printer maintenance kits consist of various replacement parts for a printer. Every HP printer (and most other printers) has a predetermined maintenance schedule. Many parts in the printer are considered "consumables" and thus only have a limited lifespan before replacement is necessary.  Most of these maintenance schedules are based on the total quantity of pages printed. HP estimates, for example, the life of their average fuser assembly to be about 100,000 pages printed. Unfortunately, these fusers often fail prematurely. 

Instead of purchasing individual parts to repair a printer, many consumers opt to purchase a maintenance kit. The contents of this kit depends on the make and model of printer, but typically include things like fuser assemblies, transfer and pickup rollers and more. 

HP manufactures and sells their own maintenance kits, but they can be extremely pricey. Often times, HP will sell their printers at a loss or include them in a bundle package with a computer. They are able to make minimum profits on the sale of the printer itself as a lot of their money comes from selling ink cartridges and replacement parts. This strategy has led to many third party companies manufacturing their own maintenance kits, which are usually much more affordable than their OEM equivalent, but quality varies immensely between manufacturers. Choosing a compatible maintenance kit is a great way to save money - but only if you do some research and find a reputable dealer who's compatible printer parts rival or outperform their OEM counterparts. 
At Office Link, our world-class engineers develop maintenance kits and fusers that meet or exceed OEM specs for print quality, yield and other important aspects. When you buy from us, you can take confidence in knowing we stand behind our products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 90 day warranty on all of our compatible HP maintenance kits.  
One of our best selling products is our Compatible HP 4250 maintenance kit.  This kit includes a fuser assembly, a transfer roller assembly, 6 feed rollers, a pickup feed roller, a transfer roller tool and, like all of our maintenance kits, step by step instructions for simple installation. The HP 4250 is a popular model printer, and so logically there is a correspondingly high demand for maintenance kits.

The HP 4250 printer is very similar in design to the HP 4240 and 4350 series, and can use interchangeable maintenance kits. Therefore, if you're looking for an HP 4240 maintenance kit or HP 4350 maintenance kit you can use the same one. HP refers to this maintenance kit as part # Q5421A, and most compatible maintenance kit retailers will incorporate the OEM model number into their product descriptions to help you choose the correct product for your printer.


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