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Glossary of Terms for Printer Supplies

What are formatter boards?
Formatter boards are circuit boards within a multi-function printer units. The multi-function printer unit sorts information that routes to the component area. 
What are transfer units?
Transfer units store images during the printing process. It's an important part of laser printing. 
What are printer duplex units?
The add-on part of a printer that makes one side of the page print as good as it does on the other side is a printer duplex unit. 
What are inkjet cartridges?
Quality inkjet cartridges add beautiful and long-lasting color to your pages.
What are thermal printheads?
With an output of precisely aligned dots of heat, thermal printheads are lines of resistors that produce images on temperature reactive surfaces.
What is a fuser assembly?
 A fuser assembly is responsible for melting toner into the printing materials. 
What are toner cartridges?
Toner cartridges create the images on the paper, and it's a consumable part of a laser printer. 
What are printer maintenance kits?
Printer maintenance kits help to maintain good print quality and prevent paper jams. They typically include a fuser assembly and rollers.  
What are thermal ribbons? 
Thermal ribbons get melted on the printed material during the thermal transfer printing process.